The “And” Principle

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The “And” Principle, which is illustrated, is an artistic expression and contains reflections, poems, and questions on living an authentic, integrated life.  The reflections are engaging and the poems are easy to understand.  A wonderful contribution of this book is the retrieval of the lost art of curiosity through the asking of powerful questions.  (The “And” Principle is 168 pages in length and is offered in a paper back format.)  


Its chapters include: 1. Heaven and Earth; 2. Expansion and Contraction: Honoring Emotional Integrity; 3. Love and Loss; 4. Expression and Containment; 5. Strength and Vulnerability;
6. Freedom and Discipline: Parenting from The “And” Principle;
7. Movement and Stillness;
8. The Wind and the Reed: Celebrating the Creative Process; and 9. Oneness and Separateness.





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