The work of Catch the Current Publishing and Bill E. Goldberg
is dedicated to nature, children, and the vulnerability, beauty,
and wisdom in us all. In this spirit, a poem and an image...





Hi, little one.
You are so beautiful!
Being a great admirer of your older brothers and sisters,
I know what you will become.


Your trunk is now thin and moves with the wind,
yet someday your trunk will be so thick no wind will make it sway.


Your branches are narrow and can carry little weight,
yet someday birds will nest in your branches,
and rest on them singing into the night.


Your trunk is now smooth like a child's face,
yet someday it will be craggy and textured
by time passed and experience gained.


Your branches meander now with slight twists and turns,
yet someday they will streak like veins of lightning across the sky.


I know the glory you will become.
It is inevitable as long as your needs are met,
and your needs are simple and few.
Sun, water, and respect.


Needs met, potentiality realized.
Needs met, the fruition of your design.
Needs met, the fulfillment of the dream that you are now in miniature.


Oh, what will you experience?  I do not know.
I do know you've chosen a beautiful place to grow up in,
surrounded by elders and mountains covered with green velvet.


Blessings, little oak.

I wish for you long life, good life.










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