To Pay by Check


In purchasing single items by check*, send the following amounts made payable to Catch the Current Publishing, P.O. Box 1685, Santa Monica, CA 90406-1685.

The “And” Principle - $15.95 + $5.00 S/H = $20.95 total

Protecting the Diamond (CD) - $15.95 + $5.00 S/H = $20.95 total

Protecting the Diamond (Audio Cassette) - $9.95 + $4.50 S/H = $14.45 total

Kiam - $15.95 + $5.00 S/H = $20.95 total

* The 15% discount for purchasing The “And” Principle and Protecting the Diamond is not available for purchases by check.




Free Shipping


There is free shipping for all purchases over $25  (This offer does not apply to purchases that include Kiam).  Send a check for the amount of the items plus 8.75% California sale tax. Within Los Angeles City and County, the sales tax is 8.75%.  Outside these areas and within California the sales tax is 7.25%.  Outside California there is no California sales tax.




Volume Discounts


For The “And” Principle, Protecting the Diamond (CD), and Protecting the Diamond (Audio Cassette), there is a 10% discount for purchasing 3-5 of each item and a 15% discount for purchasing 6-20 of each item.  After taking the discount, please add the California sales tax.  For all other volume discounts, please call 310-302-1186.


For all other volume discounts, including discounts for Kiam, please call 310-302-1186.




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