Protecting the Diamond


Sound-Tracks and Sound-Bites








The Map: Navigating the Seas of Relationship

CD Tracks
Introduction 1    
Communication: An Overview 2:45/7:34 2    listen here
Injury vs. Emotional Nurturance 3
Emotional Integrity 4
Understanding, Compassion, and Forgiveness 5
Spirituality 6
Self-Esteem: The Hub of the Wheel 7
Boundaries 8
"I-Messages" and "You-Messages" 9
Feelings and Thoughts 1:50/1:50 10    listen here
Mixed Messages 11
Plus 12  
Twisted 13
Processing 1:12/7:24 14    listen here
Listening 1:22/4:36 15    listen here
Active Listening 16
Dynamite in the Baggage 17
Long Version or Short Version 18
Apology Plus 19
One to Ten: Negotiating Compromise 20
Qualities of Effective Parenting 21
Summary 22






A special contribution of Protecting the Diamond is that it looks at the above concepts and skills from two different perspectives, which will be referred to as the way of the injured self and the way of the nurtured self.  The way of the injured self is based on fear and insecurity and creates distance in relationship.  The way of the nurtured self is based on love and self-confidence and creates closeness in relationship.


A Note of Recognition  –  The concepts of “I-Messages” and “You-Messages” and “Active Listening” mentioned on this CD come from Dr. Thomas Gordon’s book, Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.).








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